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Digital Wealth Academy

Digital Wealth Academy

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DWA is a comprehensive digital marketing online course that teaches and equips you to make money online through digital products!  

Imagine selling a course and making 100% profits without all the stress of having to create the course content yourself.

If this sounds like everything you've been looking for then Digital Wealth Academy is perfect for you!

Think about it....


1 Sale = $497 (Congratulations , you just broke even!)


5 Sales = $2485


10 Sales = $4790


We are in the digital marketing era! & THIS is digital gold! This is the PERFECT time to get started!


**This is a DONE FOR YOU course that includes the Master Resell Rights which means that you can purchase this course 1 time & resell it & pass on the resellers license an unlimited amount of times for 100% of the profit paid INSTANTLY to you!



♡ You are looking for a way to add more ease & flow to your brand/business *ahem soft girl era


♡ You've been wanting to sell courses but don't want the stress of creating one from scratch


♡ You are an aspiring girl boss looking for an extra income stream


♡ You are an influencer who wants to learn how to create sales funnels, email campaigns & run your biz on auto-pilot



Purchase this done-for-you course with Master Resell Rights


Create your Funnel (Stan store & systeme are taught in this course)


Post on social media & drive traffic to your funnel (whether through organic sharing or paid ads)


Make Sales & get PAID Instantly (no one touches money, it's always paid to you directly)



Full course with 100+ training videos


All updated trainings included


An active & supportive telegram community to network with + ask questions




Master Resell Rights Certificate (Giving you complete ownership)


No upsells or monthly fees


100% Instant profits paid directly to you if you choose to resell the course


Self-Paced Course


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